Undiscovered Equities provides specialized advisory services in the areas of identifying, developing, and structuring collaborative relationships within the financial and brokerage community aimed at increasing shareholder value. Our understanding of Wall Street enables us to give our clients valuable guidance in all investor relations and corporate finance matters. Undiscovered Equities is a truly international advisory firm, with clients in the U.S., China, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy.

Our goal is to expose our selected client companies to our extensive database of institutions, retail brokers, accredited investors, and small/micro cap fund managers, and brokerage firms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Our introductions consist of intimate meetings and conferences that allow management to make detailed presentations to significant brokers, investors and institutions.

We’ve been in the business of providing high-quality, small-cap research and conferences for over ten years, and we believe our distribution network is the best in the business for small-cap companies.

We also schedule our clients to appear and present at select high profile investor and industry specific conferences throughout the country and abroad. These conferences can bring the right investors to the table.

Additionally, Undiscovered Equities offers unparalleled counsel on all corporate finance and investment banking issues. We work together with high level, experienced securities attorneys to meet our client’s objectives. During the course of affiliation with our clients, we offer a customized solution to maximize the potential of new and expanding ventures. Our goal is to provide client companies with capital origination services and strategic advice throughout their stages of development.

Investors today are looking for consistent and credible information about the companies they invest in. A continuous and credible financial communications program is paramount for early stage growth companies.

Undiscovered Equities works closely with senior management to establish an effective financial communications strategy with the goal of building trust and encouraging partnership with both existing shareholders and the investment community. We will help prepare and distribute results announcements, annual and quarterly reports, key corporate announcements, and corporate presentations. It is very important to disseminate your company’s news correctly. We will tell you what to say and when to say it. Our professional writers produce clear and simple messages that the investment community can easily grasp because clarity is the basis from which all financial communications begins.

Undiscovered Equities will also establish a positive identity for our clients through extensive media coverage and exposure. We maintain close contacts with key financial journalists in order to ensure that our clients achieve further support from the media. We will develop strategies to sustain and expand any momentum created by our media relations program.

In summary, every company is different. Different growth stages, different challenges, different resources.

Undiscovered Equities offers a comprehensive suite that can be tailored to each client’s precise needs. This scalable, modular approach enables our clients to draw upon decades of capital markets experience, our array of world-class professionals, and our unmatched breath of relationships. Our personalized hands-on approach helps us develop winning strategies for each individual client we elect to represent. Our proactive strategies and resources enable our clients to meet their challenges and goals. We make recommendations and see them quickly executed to generate great results. With our insight and expertise our client companies can stay focused on their vision. We look forward to further expanding our conferences and advisory to the Far East.

As we expand our service offerings and products globally, we remain dedicated to our mission of “Discovering Tomorrow’s Billion Dollar Company Today.