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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – December 11th, 2012 – MCW Enterprises Ltd. (TSX-V: MCW)(MCW.V) (“MCW”), a Canadian holding company involved in fuel distribution and the creation of oil sands extraction technology, today announced that it has received notice that the third and last container of its pilot plant components has been received and is being shipped via truck to its Asphalt Ridge, Utah lease site.
MCW had previously received two containers of its initial plant components in late August, 2012, and this shipment is now being cleared through Houston, Texas.  This container holds the remaining major components which include the rectification column, spare column parts, and spares for other system components.  To minimize site development timeframes, MCW has already accumulated shovel-ready feedstock on its 1128 acre lease site near the state’s main oil and gas development center of Vernal for  the subsequent  testing phase, which will proceed upon assembly completion.
In a series of press releases announcing the progress of its initial extraction plant in Asphalt Ridge, Utah, MCW issued a news release on November 28th, 2012 which provided details on the final stages of site preparation “(MCW Enterprises Enters Final Phases of Site Preparation…”  and on November 19th, 2012, details of the permit process were provided. (“MCW Enterprises Obtains All Permits…”)  These releases, and others, may be viewed on the Company’s website: .
“We have assembled an experienced crew for the assembly of our initial extraction plant,” stated Dr. Vladimir Podlipskiy, Chief Technology Officer of MCW, who is heading up the assembly and installation of the extraction plant. “Because of the unit’s compact  proprietary design, few moving parts and small footprint, we expect that the assembly stages of the plant will be implemented smoothly,” he added.  The last stage in site preparation will be the pouring of concrete slabs for the plant’s base, which will take place early this month.
About MCW’s Technology:
MCW has developed an environmentally-friendly, continuous flow, closed-loop extraction technology on which a patent application is pending in both the United States and Canada.  While this technology has not been previously proven in the United States or Canada, MCW anticipates that it will extract all types of hydrocarbons from oil sands materials (oil-wet or water-wet).
This extraction technology is anticipated not to use any water during the extraction process.  It is also not anticipated to produce greenhouse gases, nor does it require high temperatures or pressures, and is anticipated to extract a significant amount of hydrocarbon content.  It is also anticipated to recycle a significant amount of benign solvents within the closed-loop system.
About MCW Enterprises Ltd:
MCW, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, MCW Energy Group Limited, is focused on value creation as ( i) a distributor of gasoline and diesel fuels to service stations in Southern California for over 60 years, having revenue in the fiscal year ending August 31, 2011, of US$241.5 million and, (ii) as a developer of proprietary technology for the extraction of oil from oil sands at its first field in the Uinta Basin of Utah, USA.  MCW’s management team is comprised of individuals who have extensive knowledge in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas projects and production, as well as refinery and fuel distribution experience.
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